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Mario "Moe" Morris is a 6 year Navy veteran having served on board the USS Saipan as a part of the SSDF (Ships Self Defense Force) and a member of the CSTT (Combat Systems Training Team) Moe holds multiple firearm instructor certificates. Mario is also completed

Alerrt active shooter operator I&II Training

NRA Firearms Instructor

CLEET Firearms SDA Instructor

Tim Kennedy Sheep Dog Response 2 day

Mario finished first in his Reserve CLEET Academy in Academics and as TOP Shot in firearms


Mario "Moe" Morris

Michael Kramp

Mike Patswald

Paul Landreth



CORE Alliance is a joint venture between CORE Combatives and Core Protective Solutions. Both companies specialize in personal defense. CORE Combatives offers unique empty-hand defense tactics in striking, ground defense/fighting, custody & control and weapons defense and disarms. Core Protective Solutions specializes in the advanced training of firearms. 

Our goal is to offer quality training and skills to help Law Enforcement, Security professionals, and the everyday citizen to better protect themselves and their loved ones.

Led by professional law enforcement officers who have over 40 years combined experience in firearms and martial arts.

CORE Alliance hosts multiple Warrior Day's a year. Warrior day is our one-day experience offering a half day of hand to hand combative's and a half day of firearms training. Join us for our upcoming events and become a part of the ranks of CORE Alliance.