Concealed Carry Class available upon request with a minimum of 6 persons per class. $68 per person.

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We believe that the Oklahoma Concealed Carry permit course alone does not provide the necessary time or training for the novice to the intermediate shooter to gain the experience and knowledge needed to properly carry and deploy their firearm on a day to day basis.

In our Concealed Carry Academy, we will walk you through the techniques used to carry and draw from concealment along with improvised shooting positions.

This course is a comprehensive 2-day course in which we will go from our basic pistol to defensive pistol and finish with the Oklahoma concealed carry course.

Day-1 Basic Pistol and Safety / Defensive Pistol course 6 hours
Day-2 Oklahoma SDA Concealed Carry Course 4 hours
$250 per individual
$400 per couple

March 3rd Concealed Carry Class.

Concealed Carry Academy


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