March 24th

Fundamentals and Marksmanship

April 7th

Basic Dynamic Pistol

April 28th

Dynamic Pistol

Block 2

June 2nd

Fundamental and Marksmanship

June 16th

Basic Dynamic Pistol

June 30th 

Dynamic Pistol 

Block 3

September 8th

Fundamentals of Marksmanship

October 6th

Dynamic Pistol Advanced Fundamentals

Full Block Instruction $300.

Our 2018 schedule consists of three blocks of instruction. Each block consists of the same three classes. Fundamentals and Marksmanship, Basic Dynamic Pistol and Dynamic Pistol. Each class builds on the other. Students can take the entire course offering throughout the year. Each course is $125 or you may purchase an entire block of instruction for $300 and take the courses at your leisure. Each course includes an additional $20 Range Fee. 

For more information contact Mario at 405-999-8785 or at

All sales are final 

2018 Training Schedule


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